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physiotherapy in Taiping

Updated: Feb 8

Low back pain is a common musculoskeletal condition that affects people worldwide, including Malaysia. It is a leading cause of disability, significantly impacting individuals' quality of life and placing a substantial burden on healthcare systems. In this blog, we will explore the prevalence, causes, and management of low back pain in Malaysia, as well as discuss strategies to alleviate this widespread issue.

Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Malaysia:

Low back pain is a prevalent health problem in Malaysia, affecting individuals across all age groups. According to studies, the prevalence of low back pain in Malaysia ranges from 35% to 80%, with higher rates reported among the elderly and individuals engaged in physically demanding occupations. The condition is more commonly observed in urban areas due to sedentary lifestyles, long working hours, and poor ergonomic practices.

Causes and Risk Factors:

Numerous factors contribute to the development of low back pain. In Malaysia, sedentary lifestyles, lack of physical activity, obesity, and poor posture are significant risk factors. Additionally, occupations involving heavy lifting, repetitive movements, and prolonged sitting or standing predispose individuals to low back pain. Lack of awareness regarding proper lifting techniques, inadequate workplace ergonomics, and insufficient training on back care further exacerbate the problem.

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